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Terms & Conditions Sarana Pharm, Ltd.

1. Recital

These terms and conditions are valid only for purchase online shop Sarana Pharm - SHOP. Online store operated by Sarana Pharm Ltd., conditions further define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller / operator / and buyer / customer /. Prices are valid only for this e-shop. E-shop offer is valid only for the EU, United States and Eastern European countries.

2. When and how to get the goods?

After the order confirmation email is valid and the order placed. We order goods every day of the week. We receive goods ordered from the manufacturer and are shipped to you, the customer. If we are unable to ensure order within a reasonable period due to the late delivery of stock, we will contact you, the maximum delivery time for products whose manufacturer is directly Sarana Pharm, Ltd. or which we have in stock, shall not exceed 14 days. In the event of a specific production of the product delivery date may be extended to 2-3 weeks. In the event that the delivery date of the ordered goods / product be extended to more than three weeks, the buyer is notified and the right opportunities resignation purchase!

3. Shipping

For domestic delivery, we use Slovak Post, Inc., in the case of customer requirements can be delivered by courier consignment and, in the case of orders abroad vužívame international courier services like UPS or Fedex and others. Shipping and handling for orders on delivery is 3.33 € / net / on orders over € 100 without VAT free shipping. Shipping and handling for orders and then send by courier is 3,50 € / net /. In international trade, the price of courier services provide individual, according to the valid price list of services courier companies. Goods can be by telephone agreement pick up in person at the premises of our operation in Nitra when used in domestic order.

4. Ordering and this contract

1. All orders sent through the online store Sarana binding. By submitting an order the buyer confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, including claims and agrees with them.
2. The order is a draft contract. The purchase agreement shall take effect upon delivery to buyers.
3. The condition of the electronic order is to fill all the forms prescribed information and requirements.
4. Place of delivery is the address specified by the buyer in the registration form.
5. Title to the goods passes to the buyer's payment of the purchase price and takeover.
6. completing the registration form or a binding order within the Internet business Sarana Pharm - SHOP, the buyer gives the seller consent to the collection and archiving of personal data of the buyer and his purchases.
7. We declare that all goods offered within the Internet business comes from the stores official producers.
8. Prices in the price list and the e-shop are final. Seller reserves the right to refuse execution of the order until the order details are incomplete, or raise doubts about the real intention of the customer to order goods. About this refusal seller sends the information to the email address of the customer.

5. Withdrawal from the contract / return /

The buyer is entitled in accordance with § 344 and subsequent of the Commercial Code to cancel the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods / applicable laws in the Slovak Republic /. If you decide to withdraw within this period, we ask you to comply with the following conditions:
1. receiving the goods send back to: Sarana Pharm Ltd., Station Street 7 / A, 949 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
2. The goods must be in original undamaged packaging.
3. The goods must be intact with no signs of use or wear.
4. The goods must be complete / including accessories, warranty card etc./
5. a copy of the invoice.
6. short description that withdraws from the contract / invoice number / date and, handwritten signature and account number to which you have to send back money.
After fulfilling all the above conditions for returning goods we will send money transfers to your account no later than 5 working days after physical receipt of goods. In the case of non-delivery of complete goods or otherwise, thereby infringing the above conditions, the deadline moves to the time of delivery of a full-fledged product. The buyer must pay all shipping costs. When returning goods because of the wrong choice of shoe size charge for re-sending equipment and new orders correct size shoe handling fee + shipping and handling for a total value of € 10.

6. Complaints

1. Any claims will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of complaints and legal system in force in the Slovak Republic.
2. Products can advertise under the terms of complaints to the address sarana@sarana.sk, obchod@sarana.sk or e-shop@sarana.sk.
3. The buyer shall on receipt of the goods it without delay and miss on any identified defects immediately inform the seller.
4. Notice of defects detected buyer must submit in writing to obchod@sarana.sk. It describes what the defect is and how it is manifested.
5. The complaint must submit a copy of the invoice and proof of delivery and payment of goods whose defects are claimed.
6. The Seller undertakes to inform the customer within five days of receiving the complaint, the manner of its equipment.
7. It is also necessary that the buyer if the seller sends the defective goods to the complaint, he sent complete, as it took over from the seller, that in its original packaging or packaging of equivalent quality, including all included. The carrier is not liable for incorrectly packed shipment. The manufacturer usually does not recognize the warranty for goods damaged in transit, even if the defect manifested prior to transport. Claims for defects caused by the transport of goods in inadequate packaging will not be taken into account. Seller is not responsible for damages resulting from the operation of products, functional properties and damage from improper use of the products as well as damage caused by external events and incorrect handling. Defects of this nature is not covered by the warranty. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt by the buyer. Merchandise us in any case, do not send cash on delivery. Thus the returned goods will be taken and extends by the time of the complaint.

7. Warranty conditions

Dear consumer, the purchased goods to provide a guarantee of 24 months from the date of purchase. The purchased goods and receive a guarantee letter that informs you about the warranty conditions. This warranty card carefully and retain in case of a complaint, send it together with proof of purchase. Part of the warranty card and proof of purchase, either FA or block from the cash register. Part of the warranty card and instructions for care products. Please note that if goods have been damaged in terms of non-compliance with the principles and purpose of use of the product or due to neglected maintenance according to the instructions for maintenance, will be considered for possible claim. Complaints procedure distinguishes between two kinds of faults:
- be removed by defects: After assessing defects and recognition of the eligibility of the complaint goods will be free repaired and returned.
- Irreparable damage: after assessing defects and recognition of the legitimacy of the claim will be if it is found that the defect can not be repaired or removed, proposed to replace with a new product / product or refund the purchase price. The eligibility of the claim and its equipment occurs within 30 days of receipt of goods by the seller.

8. Final Provisions

1. These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller on the day of sending electronic order buyer.
2. By sending electronic order buyer accepts without reservation all provision of business conditions in force at the date of dispatch of the order, valid price of ordered goods in the catalog online store Sarana, if not in the particular case clearly states otherwise. Submitting the order, the buyer is irrevocably bound.
3. Cancellation of the order the customer without the consent of seller to transfer up to 24 hours of ordering, and then, if the contractor exceeded confirmed in writing delivery time. In other cases it is necessary to deal with the seller.
4. Participants are expressly under the Commercial Code agreed that unless the conditions expressly stated otherwise, are governed by the rights and obligations of the Commercial Code.

Team Sarana Pharm, Ltd. Nitra, Slovak Republic, April 17, 2017

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