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Company history Sarana Pharm, Ltd.

The company Sarana Pharm, Ltd. It was established in 2009 as a company with 100% participation of Slovak. Originally it was a company whose main portofolio was the distribution of foreign orthopedic, medical apparel and medical devices and materials.

Soon, however, the company began distribution in addition to also deal with its own production in zdravotnéckeho clothing. Currently, we produce high-end professional clothing for health workers under its own brand, certified Sarana Fashion.

The services include basic and distribution of medical devices and advice on comprehensive solutions and process equipment normotvornosti in social care institutions and medical establishments and facilities.

Our goal is to emphasize the high quality, reliability, flexibility in conjunction with the price. We strive to meet customer requirements, so they can afford everything and their satisfaction has been our satisfaction.

...so that your feet can walk without pain,

... to make you feel comfortable,

...that all can all...

Team Sarana Pharm, Ltd. Nitra, April 17, 2017

Sarana Pharm, s.r.o.